1. So its about 3 weeks to go before my trip to Beijing, PRC. Preparation starts with applying for Chinese Visa! As I don’t know where is the China embassy in Jakarta, i asked for a tour company to help me apply, the price different isn’t much, so for Rp. 575,000 you get single entry Chinese visa.

    What so great about applying Chinese visa, you don’t need much documents to prepare!! You only need:

    1. Your passport
    2. A copy of your ID Card
    3. A copy of Family Registry card
    4. 1 4x6 Photo with white background
    5. A copy of your hotel booking (I used Booking.com because i can still cancel later on)
    6. A copy of your flight itinerary/booking proof.

    DONE! Yes you don’t need Recommendation Letter, Bank Reference Letter, a copy of your bank book, and many more like applying for Korean visa or Japanese visa.

    Now I’m searching for the routes and places i should visit in this short trip (about 5 nights)… I will post another Beijing Trip later after the trip… 

    Nihao Beijing!!

  2. My KoreanUpdates Family! #weareone #macamexo #sokberduabelas #bentarlagiultah

    My KoreanUpdates Family! #weareone #macamexo #sokberduabelas #bentarlagiultah

  3. Hi!

    Today, 4 years ago, in my dormitory room, alone. I was purchasing a domain for my own kpop blog, as I was thinking to make a kpop news website. So I picked a name, KoreanUpdates.com, actually I was going to purchase KoreanUpdate without S, it turned out to be good with the S, so I changed the recycle twitter account to @KoreanUpdates from @KoreanUpdate…

    I never have any goals for KoreanUpdates, I never thought that Kpop becoming this big in Indonesia, I also think that Kpop will not last longer than 2 years, but my thought was so wrong. It grows as I type this. :)

    For me, I always wanted to make KoreanUpdates a humble and friendly newsbase with great family members to support the web. I hope that philosophy will still be there as I hope KoreanUpdates will last much longer.

    Thank you for always supporting KoreanUpdates, because of you, Jjangers, we can make our run this far.

    Thank you KoreanUpdates big family members, partners and friends. Thanks for always being beside me in whatever conditions.

    Thank you haters, without you, I wouldn’t know KoreanUpdates is that famous for you to hate it so much. God bless you.

    To our ‘enemies’, how are you? I think you are doing fine. We are doing awesome too. Thanks, we are that worthy to be your enemy.

    Happy Birthday my dear baby… KoreanUpdates. I love you so much. ㅠ.ㅠ

    Thanks for reading this.

    See you in KU 4MAZING 4NNIVERSARY celebration. You can win the invitation through www.activorm.com :)

  4. Hi!

    I think, I broke my promise to post about my trip to Korea. Sorry. But now I’ve forgotten what I’m going to talk about.

    So during my trip, just a few day after I went to one of the temple in Busan (See I already forgot the name of the temple), and I prayed for my 2014 and the health of my late grandpa, He passed away on Christmas eve, I can’t fly back to Indonesia, may he rest in peace.

    Korea is a place where I can feel K-pop and the culture, here is the list what i’ve done in Korea:

    1. I went to K.Will Christmas concert, it was another new experience for me, It was a great concert by K.Will. :)
    2. EAT! EAT! EAT! Basically, I eat good food, sometimes I don’t really care about the price, I just want to try everything in Korea, including the expensive Chatime Bubble Tea… :)
    3. Enjoying Busan City Tour, alone. It was another experience for someone who couldn’t really travel alone.
    4. Meet Park Dong Sun (The creator of Simple Thinking About Blood Type) and his wife in Daegu, He welcomed me with open arms, really a new experience for me, a Korean hospitality is sometimes better than Indonesian. :)
    5. See the snow falls. (Not big one, but still, happy) As someone who never really see snow, who always travel not in winter season, I’m glad enough to walk on snow in Nami Island. :)
    6. Enjoy K-pop theme trip like visiting cafes and restaurants of the Idols.
    7. Took a photo with Infinite Dongwoo’s mom in his parents mini octopus restaurant. I’m so thrilled as an Inspirit, I think I achieved another goal. :)
    8. Went to Woohyun’s Brother resto, and meet his brother but can’t take picture with him. :(
    9. Went to Hoya’s donkatsu restaurant managed by his mom and dad. Meet his mom, dad and his little brother who just look like Hoya! again can’t take picture with Hoya’s mom, because she was in the kitchen cooking donkatsu.. :(
    10. Went to Yesung’s coffee shop, Mouse Rabbit, and meet his mom. Can’t take picture with his mom as well.
    11. Went to Ha Ha’s makchang restaurant where EXO did the filming for EXO SHOWTIME it is so crowded. :)

    Most of you might ask how much I spend in Korea, I can’t tell you the amount, because it is a lot. :)

    From this trip, I learned not overspending… :) But overall I’m happy.

    Ah! I did promise to retire from K-pop world, but it is so difficult, but I will try harder.

    P.S: I bought things to be given away in KoreanUpdates.com so stay tuned.

    14th Jan 2014


  5. I’m writing this while i’m in Busan, South Korea, woke up and need to write it down a simple short story about my awesome 26 years of my life, as today is my birthday, and i’m in Korea! How awesome it is!

    I think God loves all His awesome children, and I always think about the answer He might answer me when I prayed to Him:
    1. No!
    2. Not now…
    3. No, I’ve something better for you.

    And God replied me always with a No, I’ve something better for you. Yes, God gave me awesome things in my life. Because I never ever want to give up on my dreams, I have lots of dreams, and God knows it. :)

    Thank You Lord, Jesus Christ!

    Next I want to thank my parents, who always support what I’m doing especially this traveling addict in me. At least I always asked for a permission first and may be some little pocket money? Thank you mom, I Love You so much, I’m sorry if I’m disappoint you somehow. Thank you dad, I love you too, also I’m sorry if I’m not yet ready to take over your business.

    I’m glad, because I’m surrounded by awesome friends, at least I called them as my Friends, and I hope they do as well. Thanks Orizuka, Lia, Fei, Clara, Ko Andry, Iqbal, Via, Sasha, Dita, Reni, Rizka, Zest, Vanessa, Ce Debby, Karen, Oda, Arsi, Ajeng, Nonie, Audrey, Stefanny, Ko Indra, Genova, Tadhan,  and many more…

    I really love my life, it is almost perfect.

    Thank you. I’m Good and I’m Glad.

    26 years and Counting for more adventures ahead!


  6. So many people asking me, how to buy, or where to buy the prepaid simcard in Korea. Well, its super easy, actually it is difficult to google it, but i find this prepaid simcard that currently i’m using, and this prepaid simcard is for foreigners.

    This prepaid simcard is called Evergreen Mobile Prepaid simcard, provided by Olleh.

    If you want to ship to a korean address:

    Go to their website here: https://www.egsimcard.co.kr/ make an account there.

    and find: Our Offer, click on Buy Simcard.

    Now, you are in the buy simcard page, 1st, you need to get ready your scan of passport. your credit card is needed for purchase, and finally your address where you want to ship the simcard, i suggest you, to send it to your guesthouse, by notifying the guesthouse about it first.

    the card cost 20,000 won, it is enough for a 1GB data plan (16,000 won), but the delivery cost is 3,000 won.

    if you want the pick up service, just choose the collection places only available in Seoul city and Incheon airport.

    that’s it!

    Hope it helps you!

  7. Busan Tower!

    Busan Tower!

  8. Syarat membuat visa Korea Selatan:

    - Paspor Asli, yang masih berlaku minimal 6 bulan

    - Pas Photo 4 x 6 1 lembar, latar putih

    - Formulir Aplikasi visa - Download, print dan isi, ini linknya disini: http://idn.mofat.go.kr/languages/as/idn/images/res/visakorean.pdf

    - Surat referensi bank

    - Photocopy buku tabungan 3 bulan terakhir/rekerning koran.

    - Surat sponsor dari kantor + surat keterangan kerja (bagi yang masih di bawah lindungan orang tua surat keterangan dari ortu)

    - Potocopy KK, akte kelahiran, KTP, dan NPWP (bagi yang punya NPWP)

    - Photocopy bukti booking tiket pp, atau kalau sudah punya tiket, photocopy tiketnya.

    Biaya pembuatan visa:

    - Single Visa(Di bawah 90 hari) : Rp. 300.000

    - Single Visa(Di atas 90 hari) : Rp. 500.000

    - Multiple Visa : Rp. 800.000

    Kantor Kedutaan Besar Korea Selatan Ada di Jln. Gatot Subroto, sebelah rumah sakit medistra, kalau naik taksi, bilang ajah sebelum Rumah Sakit Medistra.

    Aplikasi visa dilakukan pagi, pukul 9:00 - 12:00, butuh waktu 1 minggu buat keluarnya, jadi usahakan di jarakin. Ambilnya siang dari jam 14:00 - 16:00, sebelum ambil telpon dulu di bukti aplikasi visanya, sebutkan nomornya.

    Tenang mereka ramah-ramah kok.

    Buat yang paspornya masih kosong, jangan khawatir, asal tabungan cukup, gaji lumayan, dan ga lama di korea pasti keluar kok visanya, temenku ada yang paspornya kosong dan keluar visanya.

    Yang belum kerja, gunakan tabungan ortu ajah.

    Info biar jelas ke: http://idn.mofat.go.kr/languages/as/idn/visa/apvisa/index.jsp

    Enjoy traveling! Pasti bisa!

  9. I’ve watched the 1st 2 episodes of ‘Heirs’, and I’m so lazy to watch the 3rd episode. Why?

    1. The writer seems so ‘excited’ly introducing all the cast on the 1st two episodes, makes me confused and frown at the same time.
    2. seems that the casts want to appear early in this young star-studded drama, everyone want to appear early.
    3. I’m so confused about the plot, still don’t know where the drama is going, and this kinda boring.
    4. I think this drama selling point is not the plot but the faces of the actors and actresses.
    5. Too many plots, can confused the viewers. It seems the writer putting all the idea he/she got into this drama, so this drama seems to have a lot of stories to tell, jumping around from one scene to another.
    6. Although I finally understand Kim Tan position, where he longed for his brother’s attention and affection, I still confused at some plots the writer giving to us. 
    7. So far, this is farrrr from what i expected. Like someone in the comment box at some streaming site: this drama should have 25 or more episodes so everyone can have their stories solved. LOL.


  10. Hi!

    Sesuai dengan title kali ini, saya mau jelasin kenapa saya kesal dengan orang-orang yang tidak pernah mau menerima kekalahan dan selalu melayangkan protes, mengungkapkan ketidaksukaan dengan si pemenang atau mencari-cari kesalahan penyelenggara Kuis/Giveaways dan si pemenang.

    Kamu tahu, kalau setiap kami, para penyelenggara Kuis/giveaways mengadakan Kuis/giveaways, kami selalu berfikir, apa pantas hadiahnya di kasih kepemenang? bisakah dia di terima umum? dan sebagainya.

    Kami juga merelakan untuk tidak membagikan secara internal karena kami mencintai followers kami. Kita bisa saja tidak membagikannya, tapi apakah itu pantas? Itu hanya menunjukan keserakahan dan ketidaketisan sebuah media. Kami berbeda, kami mau membagikan kebahagian kepada mereka yang beruntung.

    Kamu tahu betapa sulitnya memilih pemenang? Tidak sekali pilih langsung dia pemenangnya, tapi kita biasa memilih beberapa dan melihat-lihat isi tweetnya, following dan bila sesuai dengan aturan, kami akan memilihnya. Dan memilih beberapa orang saja tidak mudah, karena setiap detik puluhan tweet masuk, sampai akhirnya kita menerima bisa 1000-2000an tweet jawaban, siapa yang tidak pusing?

    Kita rela menyisihkan waktu untuk memilih pemenang selama kuis itu berlangsung, dalam 1 jam itu, kamu tahu, mungkin saja kita punya kerjaan lain yang lebih penting, tapi kita mau mencari orang yang beruntung itu.

    Tadi pagi, saat saya membuka Instagram KoreanUpdates, ada saja yang protes, kenapa dia bisa menang? kan gambarnya tidak menunjukan kalau dia ngebet mau nonton CNBLUE? itu hanya fanart saja. 

    1. Saya dan beberapa admin sudah pusing memilih dari 100 gambar yang masuk, makanya telat 30 menit lebih. 
    2. Akhirnya kami memilih beberapa yang kreatif.
    3. Kita akhirnya voting, dan mendapatkan 1 pemenang.

    Itu keputusan demokratik. 

    Kamu tahu saya paling tidak suka sama orang yang memelas, bukan sekali, tapi berkali-kali? Hilangkan sifat memelas itu, kalau dewi fortuna ada disisi kamu, pasti kamu bisa menang suatu saat nanti.

    Saya salah satu orang yang tidak pernah menang kalau ikut kuis, tapi bukan berarti saya orang yang tidak beruntung, hanya saja memang bukan saatnya saya menang.

    Memang kalau kita lihat orang yang menang seperti tidak pantas, tapi relakanlah, Tuhan akan tahu kok.

    Jadi yuk, kita belajar sama-sama menerima kekalahan, daripada meratapinya, lebih baik kita enjoy life, dan melupakan kekalahan itu.

    Tetap semangat ikut kuis yah!


  11. INFINITE in Press Conference OGS Singapore. Photo by: Edwin Joo

  12. Bahagia itu bisa didapat dengan mudah bagi orang yang selalu mengisi hidupnya dengan senyum dan tidak iri dengan apa yang dimiliki orang lain. Do live your life to the fullest.

  13. Sunggyu, my all-time favorite leader-nim!

  14. As INFINITE 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ in Singapore finished, I made my decision to stop kpopping, and stop all my kpop related activities.

    I’ve been knowing kpop for 10 years, and been so active on kpop is in 2005. I know Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye ‘Of Course’ Moment, Lee Seung Gi, TVXQ just newbie, and all many things happening.

    I’ve spend too much on kpop in the last 3.5 years, yes, since the founding of KoreanUpdates.com, to tell you the truth, you can use the money to go to Korea backpacking 3-4 times. But I’m happy to buy things for giveaways, and trying to get sponsored for giveaways. And I think I’ve to stop for the good of my own future finance (I don’t have a financial problem at all).

    But one thing makes me to stop kpopping, its all because the new kpoppers who act like shit, rude, love to accuse stupid things and like-know-it-all. I’ve to be honest, this type of kpoppers are super annoying, and make the kpop world dirty.

    I’m being accused as gay for being a vivid fanboy of Infinite, is it a mistake to idolize a boy group for a man? So if you fan girl idolize the girl group you are a lesbian? Please don’t accuse fanboy idolizing boy groups as a gay person. I’m still loving Bora and Hyorin boobs and butts.. I’m still adoring the beauty of Tiffany, Seohyun and Taeyeon… Don’t be a bully in the cyber world, people like them makes the kpop world super unclean and so dangerously ugly.

    INFINITE is my last stop. And will last forever. I spend a lot of money to support them. I also got accused. But it will not be stopping me from being vivid fanboy of Infinite. My love for them is INFINITE *lame*

    Okay, i had enough, I think this is the best time to say goodbye and a sorry that i’ve to leave kpop world, no one will miss me though. I’ve other real life problems.

    Bye! Annyeong!


  15. I’m writing this while waiting for boarding the aircraft alone, I’m going for another adventure, to Singapore, a country where i spend 1/5 of my life.

    This time, I’m not on holiday, but I’m on a mission, well, a kpop getaway trip, I’m going to watch INFINITE concert!

    Not just the concert, but i’ve the privilege to enter the Press Conference. And also, no so privilege Meet & Greet at Samsung Experience Shop tomorrow where i’ve to be the early so i can get the best view of INFINITE.

    So please wait for my picture of the boys soon!



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